Welcome to Voxbot, a procedurally generated Voxel twin-stick shooter played over 6 different levels with 3 different game modes.

Life for Voxbot was good, hanging out with his robot mates whilst helping to protect the space station. Unfortunately whilst Voxbot was working the night shift and his mates were recharging, a spike in the ships recharge system caused a glitch in their AI.

As a result, Voxbot's mates now see Voxbot as an intruder. But it isn't all bad news, some robots were factory reset to follow mode. Resulting in these 'Friendly' robots providing assistance to Voxbot. But unfortunately there are still a total of 9 different robots out for Voxbot's oil.

Now being the most wanted robot on the station, Voxbot must now escape each level by activating the exit. This is performed either by destroying or avoiding his previous mates, or by sacrificing Friendly robots.

Who said life for a little Voxel robot was easy.

Sorry I forgot to mention Voxbot has also developed a bit of a problem with his health. It appears he's sprung a leak. As a result, you must collect health packs to re-charge his health, or utilise the Friendly robots. Having a Friendly robot follow you around will temporarily stop the leak, and sacrificing a Friendly robot will gain their health.

Probably also worth mentioning the three different power-ups available.

  • Gun - Upgrade - Improves your fire power
  •  Health - Upgrade - Reduces your health leak, increases max health and replenishes health
  • Movement - Upgrade - Increases the Friendly robot following speed

Voxbot is a twin-stick shooter, with the left-stick controlling movement and the right-stick directing fire power. Also by pressing the submit button (X on PS controller, A on XBOX controller) you can activate the pause menu.

Please note, the game has been tested with PS4 and Xbox 360 controllers, but if you have any issues please contact me.

To help create this game, special thanks goes to the following Unity Assets.

  • SCI-FI UI Pack+PSD by D.F.Y Studio
  • Cube Space - Effects by Swift Games
  •  DoozyUI by Doozy Entertainment
  •  Voxel Robots and MagicaVoxel to Unity by MOENEN
  •  Behavior Designer by Opsive
  • Universal Sound FX by IMPHENZIA
  • Shadero Sprite - 2D Shader by Vetasoft
  • Ultimate Status Bar by Tank & Healer Studios
  • Deus Ex Tempus" music by Trevor Lentz (https://soundcloud.com/trevor-d-lentz/)

Finally, I hope you enjoy playing this game, and please, please, please provide feedback to @robgmoran or robert_g_moran@yahoo.com.  Also please check out my previous game 'Pump Action' which can be found at https://robgm.itch.io/pump-action.

   Have Fun - Rob

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