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This game is for the ZX Spectrum Next computer.

Game Instructions

After his brother ran away to the circus to collect cherries. Dougie Do decided on a more profitable career .. Diamonds..

Use Dougie to collect diamonds whilst avoiding enemies. To combat enemies, Dougie can drop bombs & rocks. Be careful though, these can also kill Dougie. Finally be aware that not all enemies are the same.

Complete all 10 levels by either collecting all diamonds or by destroying all enemies via rocks. 


  • 25 Points - Bomb Enemy
  • 50 Points - Collect Diamond
  • 100 Points - Drop Rock On Enemy
  • 500 Points - Complete Level
  • Extra Bomb - Awarded Every 30 Diamonds Collected
  • Extra Life - Awarded Every 6000 Points


  • Keyboard
    • Q - Up, A - Down
    • O - Left, P - Right
    • Space - Drop Bomb, Enter - Pause Game
  • Kempston Compatible Joystick


  • Sound FX - Borrowed from the games
    • NZ Story
    • Eliminator
    • Amaurote
    • Arkanoid

And finally thanks to Mr DO!, Dig Dug and Digger for being such great games and providing inspiration.


I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I've enjoyed creating it.  Please leave any comments below, also if you encounter any bugs please leave a description and whether it can be replicated.



Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags8-Bit, dig-dug, digger, mr-do, Retro, ZX Spectrum, zx-spectrum-next
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


DougieDo.nex 192 kB

Install instructions

The game has been tested on a physical Next, a MiSTer and the CSpect emulator; if you encounter any compatibility issues with other emulators or systems please leave a comment below.

For both physical platforms and emulators, it is advised that you hard reset your machine before running Dougie Do!

Steps: Physical Next and MiSTer Hardware

  1. Copy the file DougieDo.nex onto your ZX Spectrum Next SD Card
  2. After starting the hardware, select DougieDo.nex from the browser to launch the game.

Steps: Emulators

  1. Copy the file DougieDo.nex into your ZX Spectrum Next SD image using a utility such as hdfmonkey e.g. hdfmonkey put <filename of SD image> dougiedo.nex
  2.  After starting the emulator, select DougieDo.nex from the browser to launch the game.


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Is this game using the Spectrum Next 320×256 pixel Tilemap Mode?

Yes. I'm only using layer 2 on the title screen. The full code is available on GitHub.

Cool. I wish more games 'filled out the borders'. Oh great, thanks for sharing.

Awesome game ! Congrats to the whole team involved in this master piece.

Cheers thanks for the kind words and video. It  makes it all worth while when people actually play your game👍

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A great little game for the Next I really enjoy playing it, and thanks for producing it!

Thank you!! I'm playing Dougie Do! on real hardware and the MiSTer FPGA. No issues. Having lots of fun playing Dougie DO!

Cheers thanks for the kind words and feedback. I'm currently writing a new more ambitious game, so stay tuned👍

Here is my tribute to this lovely game...

Thanks for the video, glad you liked it. Have you tried keyboard control, you might find it easier👍

It is a wonderful game - no - not tried that, I'll give it a go.  

Really nice game!


Thanks for playing and the gameplay video, only another 3 levels to complete :)

As well as dropping the rocks, have you also tried pushing them as well. This tactic is useful to destroy the spawn and also to drop onto other enemies as they move up the screen. 

gracias por el juego

De nada. Espero que disfrutes jugando tanto como yo disfruté escribiéndolo.
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What a great game and Awesome music that fits the game perfectly. 

Loved Mr Do!

How about Bomberman NEXT! get it? lol, Ace!! Youtube vid incoming!!


So glad you liked it. The beauty of the Next, is that it gives you an opportunity to create new versions of old retro games. So who knows, Bomberman🤔👍